Monday, June 13, 2011

Which is Worse? Cancer in Our Bodies or Cancer in Government?

This documentary about Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's fight against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test his alternative approach to cancer treatment is the most hideous thing I've ever seen.

This whole fiasco is not about whether Dr Burzynski's theories and treatments work or not.  It's that this saga reveals much more about the hidden inner workings of the FDA, their corrupting alliance with big Pharmaceuticals with the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 1992, and the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act furthering their power grab with blatant disreguard for our freedoms and our lives.

In 1982, FDA Bureau of Drugs Director Richard Crout stated, “I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.” [SOURCE: The Spotlight, January 18, 1982]

That's insane!

I knew this stuff was going on.  I saw it when I used to fight against the anti-smoking movement.  The anti-tobacco orgs conspired with government to raise taxes to fund themselves to churn out more anti-smoking propaganda to justify further penalizing smokers with even higher taxes to increase their funding even more.

I feel Dr Burzynski's pain, for like him, we had little voice in the MSM and few outlets with which to raise our concerns against the beast.  I often contributed to discussions and eventually took over a small website forum called which focussed on anti-smoking issues.  It has since been abandoned, but it was there that I 'met' and had several discussions with Dr Michael Siegel. 

Dr Siegel was a researcher and leader in the anti-smoking movement and one of the very few from within the movement to actually discuss issues with us, to include his own research, instead of just ridiculing us and denouncing us outright as shills for big tobacco, and I highly respect him for it.  We saw it coming a long time ago with the anti-smokers' assaults on private property rights with legislated smoking bans after they failed to prove the science to force the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to act with regulations.  We were scoffed at for talking about the slippery slope of tyranny in the name of 'public health'.  The tyranny culminated with practically a total government takeover of the industry with Congress putting control under the authority of the FDA.  Yet the War on Smokers continues, just as does the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the Wars on most any inanimate object they can dream up to eternally distract us from them looting us individually and our country.

Dr Siegel is still very much what he calls a tobacco control advocate, but his views have changed.  He has only become somewhat disenchanted with the movement because he has come to realize that they lie, but I don't believe he sees the larger menace.  They've been caught lying so much that he's now concerned that when the truth finally comes out, it will hurt the gains they made when it was a grass-roots movement before the professionals moved in and turned it into a money making racket.  He found it so disturbing that he has created his own blog, The Rest of the Story:  Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary, to help fight the corruption and lies.

In his blog, Dr Siegel has fought against the Congress decision to put big Tobacco under control of the FDA.  He rightfully saw that as a win-win situation for big Tobacco in that any decisions by the FDA in regards to their products would absolve them from any further liabilities as well as inhibit competition.  He has many blog posts about internal conflicts of interest within the agency itself and external linkages.  He is right.  We're seeing it now, all too clearly.  It's especially pronounced in the current fights against electronic cigarettes, which aptly shows the mentality of the FDA when Crout proclaimed that the FDA will not approve new drugs for anyone but their masters in the pharmaceutical industry.  Electronic cigerettes weren't produced by the pharmaceutical industry, so they will do all they can to get them off the market.  We mustn't let them succeed.

All this is highly important in showing how big government bureaucrats enslave us and take away our choices on how to conduct our lives.  Yet here we are inundated by the MSM to distract from so many real issues with heated debates on Obama's and Ryan's 'competing' health care plans or Romney's healthcare implemented in Massachusetts.  Make no mistake about it, they DO NOT get to the root cause of the problems within the medical system which is the widespread corruption within the system of overseers we call the government.  They just consolidate more power in the hands of the bureaucrats and take away from our right to choose what we think is best for us.  The distracting issues we see in the mass media are about as important as Weinergate or the non-event of releasing Sarah Palin's e-mails while real people may be dying from forbidden treatments because they're not on "the list".

Have we forgotten that the government works for us and their tasks are enumerated? 

I was especially moved by the one cancer patient in the video who said he "came 18 years ago from communist Romania and the tyrannist dictator Ceausescu never stopped a doctor from treating anybody.  How can we have something like this in the United States?" 

Indeed!!!  How the hell can we?!?  Are you mad yet?  I am.  Both the Prescription Drug User Fee Act and the Family Smoking and Tobacco Control Act need to be repealed.  Furthermore, immunity from prosecution for government officials needs to be severely limited to prevent acts such as these.  People like Kessler, Crout, Dr Samid, and anyone else running the FDA and NCI who allow this kind of unacceptable activity behavior to exist should be able to be prosecuted.

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