Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Woke You Up?

Meet a few of the Paulbots, as the MSM and supporters of the party-line of either party like to call practically anyone who says anything in support of Ron Paul, among other more derogatory terms.  A few of their stories are below, more can be found here.

"I got back from Afghanistan in 2005 within a couple months my 4 years in the Marine Corps was up. I quickly realized I could not handle the US. I was mad at the world. I flew off the handle constantly. I went for help. I lasted about 5 min in the shrinks office and he was trying to give me drugs. I told him I didnt want drugs I wanted to be the old me. I decided to move. While in the Marine Corps I traveled all over Asia. I enjoyed Thailand the most and decided to move there. Fast forward to the last election. Sitting in Bangkok screaming at the TV watching the Fox News debate listening to the war mongering. Out of no where....."Just come home". Who is this guy I thought. I started to do research Dr. Paul and the libertarian philosophy. I started to look at people as individuals, unique in their own way. I wasn't mad at people anymore. Things made sense. I traveled back to the US about 10 months ago. I did it cause I believed in the cause of Liberty. I wanted to join the fight. I owe Ron Paul so much. I will be doing everything I can to see him get elected."

"I was in the Army from 1995 to 2001. My primary unit was with the Drug Interdiction Taskforce. Needless to say, the profound wrongness and futility of that job would wake up just about anyone. So, after 4 years of jumping out of helicopters and chasing brown people I left the military and entered the private sector with a new, anti-government perspective. I thought I was alone."
"Then, a few years later I was researching candidates for the 2008 campaign. I was grossly uneducated in the previous elections, and voted for Bush twice. The first time because he talked small-government, and let’s be honest, it’s what got him elected. The second time I plead stupidity."
"So, I started reading up on candidates and came across Mike Huckabee’s stance on the IRS. I was interested, and started reading more, getting a feel for him, and found that his record as Governor was abysmal. But, to my surprise, there was another candidate that was anti-IRS as well. More so, even. Ron Paul."
"I read a few articles online, and stumbled onto to buy a few of Ron Paul’s books. From there I discovered"
"The rest, as they say, is history."

"The sincerity in his voice woke me up. I was a democrat up until I heard his voice. I didn't know there were politicians let alone a Republican politician that sounded honest."
"So I listened up, and thought to myself, this guy's answers aren't like the others."
"Then to research him I found this website, the Daily Paul. I have been a member ever since. I visit this site more than any other site. This is where I start my news hunting."
"I have learned more about humanity, politics, economics, and government from the insightful patriots at this site, than all news channels including the Daily Show combined.
"I maxed out my allowable donations in 2008, and hope to do it again this time around. I spend atleast 3 hours a day, commenting and sharing posts about Dr. Ron Paul and the liberty movement."
"I am a committed patriot to the Constitution."

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