Sunday, February 16, 2014

US Ignite: Are We Heading to the World of THX 1138?

No, I'm not back.  I'm still here and have never been away.  There has simply been just so little to put together from the myriad of distractions thrown our way by the corporate media from things like Sandy Hook and gun control, the NSA and Edward Snowden, to the IRS scandal making people run this way or that chasing their tail.

Lately I've been listening to the Pete Santilli Show and in episode #632 he enlightened me to this initiative that I hadn't heard about before which was given the green light by President Obama through executive order in June of 2012 to accelerate broadband deployment which is being implemented by something called US Ignite.  He asks Ben Swann about it at 1:40:00 into the video, but keep listening after Ben leaves for he goes further into it.

This initiative is so important that the White House proclaimed that "We can't wait" for Congress to address this need.  Funny, but I haven't yet found any instance of it ever being presented to Congress asking them to act.  I thought it odd that a year and a half later we still hear relatively little reported about it, not even a gratuitous mention in this year's state of the union address.

Could this be the missing link, the piece that completes the puzzle? 

According to the National Science Foundation, US Ignite will:
"Transform public safety, healthcare, education and workforce development, energy, transportation, and manufacturing."
Sounds like Agenda 21 to me.

No kidding.  Call me paranoid all you want, but just imagine a world that combines the concepts in the film "THX 1138" and "The Matrix" with those of pre-crime in "Minority Report".  

I see a lot of people up in arms about the NSA today.  People are rejoicing over Utah attempting to shut off water to their facility in the state like that is going to do anything beyond turning it into an eminent domain fight over water rights.  This US Ignite program has all the same technology players who helped build all those NSA capabilities in the first place.    These companies built the digital highway and sell it to us to use, while giving the government the full capability to monitor your use of it.

As I like to ask people, why do police officers patrol toll roads and give out speeding tickets?  It's certainly not an efficient or profitable use of the officer's time when they can simply calculate average speed between toll booths and charge all the speeders accordingly.  They could even use photo radar and send tickets to your home just like they do with red light cameras and let the money roll in. 

At least with toll roads, if they do start doing either, you can always take alternate routes bypassing their toll (information collection) gates. But with US Ignite, if you're on it, they've got you for there's no alternate route.

If that doesn't concern you, then imagine with the rollout of electronic monitoring with programs like EZ Pass and now the black box they want to have installed in all vehicles, the potential for abuse gets even worse.  They build the algorithms to track your every trip through their sensors and match them up with your electronic medical records mandated by Obamacare, your energy usage through smart meters, your spending patterns through credit cards, and so on, matching them up with profiles to determine if your an obedient little citizen or not. 

Remember the TSA's rollout of Screening Passengers by Observable Techniques (SPOT) program?  They even deployed vans for secondary screenings where they recorded your eye movements and gestures to guess whether you were being truthful or not.

As you're traveling on this new digital highway, you're going to be oblivious to the tollbooths where they will be monitoring your every move, your every gesture and collating everything in your electronic profile.

The future is coming.

May the benevolence of the state shine upon you, citizen.