Friday, January 25, 2013

War on Smokers Still Smoldering

Good afternoon, Cattle.

Ann Althouse reminds us that the war on smokers hasn't ended.

The latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, Raising the Excise Tax on Cigarettes:  Effects on Health and the Federal Budget, reminds us that the government looks at us all as cattle.   They raise us for our 'milk', but only keep us around as long as it's profitable for them to do so.  They've been doing this for smokers for the past two decades.  The war on fat has started.  After full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, they'll be monitoring all of us in a similar fashion and charging you accordingly.

May I remind you that the 1998 Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, Who Pays for the Health Costs of Smoking? determined that smokers do not appear to impose net financial costs on the rest of society.  They estimated that tobacco taxes have apparently resulted in net financial gain to both the federal and state governments at the prevailing tax rates at the time.  Governments save on old-age medical care, social security, and nursing home care due to the estimated earlier death of smokers.  And that was done at the prevailing tax rates in '98 which were much, much lower than they are today.  And they still want MORE.

Wait til the full effects of Agenda 21 hit and they start moving the population to the gulags.  Much more on that to come, so stay tuned.  Or if you want to do a little research yourself, a good place to start is looking up Rosa Koire and her site, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.

They've sold our children into perpetual slavery.  Now they want our guns.  Our liberty is under a multi-pronged attack.  When do we make a stand?


It appears the CDC isn't done with the shakedown.

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