Friday, November 30, 2012

Utterly Disgusting and Evil

I used to think that people, all people, were basically good inside.  I believed it was basically circumstances that often drove them to do horrible things.  I easily explained away the atrocities reported from war as being due to the extreme stresses of combat, people reaching their breaking point.  However, I'm at a loss of rationalizations or words to explain the things I've just read in the following two posts:

The republican Mother - Conspiracy of Silence

Mind-Numbed Robot - Obama's sexual issues (They're not what you think)

This has been just sitting here for a few days, as I was too disgusted to even work on it.  At least The republican Mother came through today with a little hope for humanity.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Intelligence Bounded by Diminishing Returns

Government managers generally do not understand the basic economic principles behind the Law of Diminishing Returns.  For most, the best solutions to government failures they can think up with their indoctrinated brain functions are more money to buy more equipment and add more manpower, but in reality that will not inevitably result in better intelligence without proper management of the overall system.

The NY Times just reported a story a month ago that bolsters the administration's defense that the confusion of their initial announcements as to whether the debacle in Benghazi was the result of 'peaceful' demonstrations turned violent or not was due to and inept intelligence assessment system.  Claims were that the original assessment and thus public announcements blaming the Benghazi attacks on peaceful demonstrations turned violent came from CIA 'talking points'.  Yet weeks later they were still sifting through new field reports that seemed to contradict this initial assessment.  Excuse me, but that is the most idiotic claim I've ever heard.  Everyone knew exactly what was going on as the event was unfolding from direct contact with personnel in the US mission in Benghazi which was under attack.

But that's beside the point.  This event will inevitably lead to investigation of yet another so called 'intelligence failure' and the prognosis will most likely be to increase or at least slow down decreases to the national intelligence budget.  That's simply the way things work in Washington.

Changing the Rules (over and over and over again)

Imagine playing a game where everytime you were about to do something like buy a property in Monopoly, your opponent would change the rules and say you have to get an education card from the Community Chest first.  Want to buy a railroad, you need an engineer certificate.  Utility?  You need a born with a silver spoon in your mouth Chance card.  You would soon give up in frustration and quit playing, wouldn't you?  So why do we accept it from our government overlords?

You Didn't Build That!

Obama caught hell earlier this year during the election campaigns for his "you didn't build that" speech.  Truth is they DON'T want you to build anything by yourself.  If you did, they couldn't keep their nitwit goverment bureaucrats employed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

None so Blind as They Who Will NOT See

Republicans are falling all over themselves in utter bewilderment at their failure to capture the executive branch in this past election.

It's simple.  The GOP is a bunch of crooks.  What they did to Ron Paul and his electors during the primaries was criminal. 

How is that any different than all your complaints of Obama's transgressions?

We now have a the most lawless federal government ever, and that includes the entire 'leadership' of both major political parties.

Democrats and Republicans are predators fighting over the lives of our children just as nature shows in the Battle of Kruger.

Until the masses realize it and get together to kick their ass to win the future of our children back...   it will just keep going downhill.