Friday, November 30, 2012

Utterly Disgusting and Evil

I used to think that people, all people, were basically good inside.  I believed it was basically circumstances that often drove them to do horrible things.  I easily explained away the atrocities reported from war as being due to the extreme stresses of combat, people reaching their breaking point.  However, I'm at a loss of rationalizations or words to explain the things I've just read in the following two posts:

The republican Mother - Conspiracy of Silence

Mind-Numbed Robot - Obama's sexual issues (They're not what you think)

This has been just sitting here for a few days, as I was too disgusted to even work on it.  At least The republican Mother came through today with a little hope for humanity.



  1. Sorry to have shattered your world man, but the Bible says that the heart of man is desparately wicked, who can know it?

    The Christian Science Monitor had an article in 1920 saying that there was coming an unleashing of evil on the world. Boy were they right.

  2. lol, you didn't do that all on your own. You only confirmed it posting that "Conspiracy of Silence" that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.

    Watching all the stupid and ignorant things that they do like CNN give Eliot Spitzer a job or all the idiocy over Benghazi always made me wonder "What the heck were they thinking?!?". I can even see some shred of logic over hysteria, fear, and self-preservation causing genocide or cops getting superiority complexes, but that documentary blew my mind. That's pure evil.