Sunday, September 9, 2012

How 'Pro-Choice' Are You? created an intriguing short video at the Democratic National Convention asking people about their thoughts on choice.

Now this is not to denigrate Democrats or liberals for there is plenty of hypocrisy in everyone's opinions on the way things ought to be to go around.  There are considerable numbers of Republicans and conservatives who are staunchly pro-life, yet they certainly don't mind dropping a bomb or two here or there.  As one lady said at 3:40 in that video, "So maybe there are some contradictions, but people are made up of contradictions."  Ain't that the truth!  But the larger question is:  Do we have to put up with it?  Of course not!

For the record, I'm staunchly pro-life, but also staunchly pro-choice.  How can that be?  Simple, it's just not my business to tell others what to do to themselves and their family for whatever reason, just as it's not their business to tell me what to do with mine.  It certainly is my job to help out when asked for an opinion and that would always be to emphasize the alternatives to abortion, the important aspect being only when asked.  Sure put information out in the public domain, but leave the people alone to make their own choices.  They know the implications and will be the ones dealing with the consequences of their choice.  You simply cannot legislate morality. 

This leads me back to the Battle at Kruger in questioning "What the Hell are Rights Anyway?"  Something that didn't occur to me when writing that post is that the buffalo took matters in their own hand to save a calf from the lions and crocodiles.  Some stood on the front lines, while others milled in the back for what I can only describe as moral support in a show of force.  They didn't need to go to the government of South Africa to enact a law against crocodiles and lions to get what they wanted.  It was pure action.

That's what it takes, action.  Not action to ask the government to write a mandate in your favor and then complaining about it when they write another that goes against your opinion, morals or ethics.  We have to castrate the beast and take away it's power to either inhibit or take away our choice.  Once you give power to the government, "they" become above the very laws they create.  If they make abortion illegal, do you think that would stop an elected official from getting an abortion?  Hah.  Heck, they may even go on a political junket to some other country on your dime to obtain one.  You cannot stop them.  Only they can stop themselves and their peers.

It's our lives, property, and happiness we're protecting and our individual free will is the only thing we have that's truly unalienable.  Anytime someone says "there oughtta be a law", just say no.

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