Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Back, Jim Traficant

For those who don't know him, Jim is a problem for the Feds who just won't go away even after they sent him away to serve 7 years in the prison system.  He was the thorn in the side of the Democrats as Ron Paul is to the Republicans.  He was scared then when they put him under indictment, but after having gone to prison, he no longer is and he's speaking out.  Welcome Back!

I saw a video of him giving a speech a Freedom Palooza in July 2011.  That speech is about 36 minutes long divided into 3 videos and it's well worth watching in its entirety.  In part 3, he recited this verse about a well-known incident that happened when he was in office which he claimed to have spoken on the House floor:

There was once a woman from Manassas
Who got tired of all the hassles
Claiming she'd been raped by her spouse
in her very own house
went in the kitchen to get a knife
fully prepared to take her husband's life
But realizing such a crime was too heinous
decided instead to cut off his "painless".
I don't know if this guy plays the piano
but from here on out, he'll sing like a soprano
But if he really, really did rape his wife
maybe, just maybe, he deserved that knife

After reciting it he says there was a much deeper message in there.  To me it is crystal clear that it is a stern warning to Congress to stop raping the American people for we, unimaginable to many of us ourselves because we're brainwashed to accept the repeated abuse, have many means available to help us emasculate the rapists. 

Jim details some of those ways when he talks about taxes and he has a plan.  Get rid of the IRS, repeal the 16th and 17th amendments, repeal the Federal Reserve Act, get rid of the Dept of Education, Energy, and the EPA.  Replace them all with a simple 25% sales tax, period.  What?!?  I won't explain it all here -- yet (even though I have been identifying parts of it and will continue to put it all together), for Jim details very well how it would work in his speech. 

Don't just shoot from the hip saying it won't work.  Watch the speech, then try to tell us why it won't work.

Freedom Palooza 2011, Traficant (1 of 3)
Freedom Palooza 2011, Traficant (2 of 3)
Freedom Palooza 2011, Traficant (3 of 3)

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