Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Clean Regime

The Lonely Conservative discusses a documentary by Thet Sambath about the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea, "Enemies of the People".  Thet spends three years trying to get the truth out of the second in command of the Khmer Rouge, Nuon Chea, the man who asked Pol Pot to run the party.

According to Chea, the Khmer Rouge was a “clean regime… a peaceful regime,” until they were “sabotaged” by “enemy spies.”

Daniel Goldhagen produced a very good documentary on this as well searching for answers how such atrocities can occur which was aired on PBS, "Genocide:  Worse than War".

Both of these are chilling testimonials to how fragile our rights and our lives really are.

What’s scary is that we have many elements of genocides that have occurred in so many other lands present and thriving in the US today. You can see it in the bitter rhetoric against illegal aliens, Muslims, and the dehumanizing of smokers and other drug users to perpetrate the noble war on smokers and the war on drugs. The nasty rhetoric has enabled laws to deny liberty to and allow the confiscation of property from those groups of people.

We’re seeing the results of how well this is all working with the escalation of armed groups of men sanctioned by the state invading peoples homes, sometimes killing innocents in the process, and throwing non-violent offenders of civil and regulatory "rules" in prisons.  We're seeing it in the attitude of the cop in Canton, Ohio, raging at several citizens.

In the words of Nuon Chea:
"Our policy was first to re-educate them to stop...  Then we gave them two or three warnings to stop their treacherous activities.  Next we required them to present their revolutionary personal history and make a self-criticism.  If that didn't work, they would be expelled from the party.  If they still could not be corrected, they had to be solved.  These people were categorised as criminals.  Criminals."
Thet asks, "What did you do to those 'criminals'?
"They were killed and destroyed.  If we had let them live, the party line would have been hijacked.  They were enemies of the people."

The fact is that all those people are simply scapegoats of an inept group of psychotic elites to distract us from them looting our country’s wealth while we concentrate our ire on these innocuous little groups of people who are in some way different from us they point to as the source of our problems.

Will we all wake up in time before atrocities happen here?  Can they happen here?

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